LIBT Launches Blockchain-based Certification To Counter Academic Fraud
April 8, 2021

The London Institute of Business & Technology recently introduced the Blockchain-based Certification initiative to ensure swift delivery of credentials to learners. 

These credentials are shareable on social media & professional networking sites and are credible due to the highly encrypted nature of the platform, Accredible, via which these certificates are issued. 

The Blockchain-based Certification will be issued to learners in addition to a printed certificate as a complementary service at no extra cost. The digital certificates are becoming increasingly popular among modern-day employers due to ease of verifying. Sharing digital credentials can serve to improve one’s professional outlook thereby ensuring desirable prospects & opportunities.

The certificates will be issued for training programmes offered by LIBT in a wide range of areas including Accounting & Finance, Administration Secretarial, Auditing & Governance - Risk Compliance Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, Contracts Management, Customer Service Data Management & Business Intelligence, Digital Innovation & Transformation, Human Resources Training, Leadership Management, Project Management, Planning & Strategy Management, Procurement & Supply Chain Management and Public Relations.

Third-parties reviewing credentials do not require an account or log-in to view and verify a certification issued by LIBT. This makes the vetting process more efficient giving our alumni an edge over competition. Further information about the training programmes can be obtained from here: