Convert Your Work Experience
into University Credits.

Through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), you can now convert your years of work experience into credits towards your academic programme.

Claim credits for your previous
work experience.

Work Experience

RPL is the recognition of non-certified learning towards a full unit or a qualification. You can leverage your last 3 years of experience to obtain equivalent qualifications.

Recognising Learning

Evidence portfolio-based, assignment based and 'summative assessment' interview-based options to assess your prior learnings to issue credits.

Quick Turn-Around Time

Receive your assessment and credit for the qualifications within 30-45 days of applying. Partial RPL from a qualification can fast-track your certification.


Simple Process

Check Eligibility

You are required to submit the CV and any other relevant supporting documents and face a summative assessment (interview) to check the eligibility to gain credit for previous regulates or unregulated qualifications or work experience.


Assessment Process

Once the interview is completed and any other documents are verified, you will be notified by email of the outcome of the assessment. If you wish to proceed with the RPL process, you may confirm via email and we will send you an invoice to make the payment.

Acceptance and Deliver

Once the payment is made, the certificate issuance will start. This process usually takes about 2-4 weeks. You will receive your certificate in the mail. If you are claiming partial credit for a specific qualification, you will be required to complete the remaining modules to get the certificate.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL is a facility for a learner to claim exemption from some of the assessment requirements of a regulated qualification by producing evidence of prior knowledge or experience in a specific discipline. This feature is particularly beneficial to professionals looking to obtain formal credentials in a chosen area of expertise in which they already possess knowledge, experience & skills.

Can I get full exemptions of all the units in a qualification?

Exemption depends on Equivalency which is the transfer of credit from a unit, or units, from within the recognized qualification framework; to be counted as an Equivalency a unit must have the same credit value (or greater) and be at the same level (or higher) than the unit, or units, to be claimed. Equivalencies appear on certificate sans credit value. Prior experience, corroborated with evidence, will also be considered for exemption.

What are the ways prior learning is recognised?

There are three ways of recognizing prior learning which may be open to the prospective learner:

  1. Submit a portfolio of evidence based on previous relevant knowledge, skills and competences which must be assessed against the assessment criteria of the unit(s) for which RPL is being sought to ensure all learning outcomes have been achieved.
  2. Undertake the same assessments as learners following a formal course of learning and assessment that lead to award of the unit qualification; the assessments may be undertaken without attending teaching sessions.
  3. Assessment through a summative assessment against a unit or full qualification.

It is important to note that RPL is an alternative route to achievement and not an easy option.

What is the procedure for RPL?

London Institute of Business and Technology (LIBT) advocates a six-stage procedure which involves learners from the moment they consider pursing a claim for credit and supports them through to the result of the assessment.

Stage 1 – General awareness about claiming credit: Information, advice & guidance. 
Stage 2 –Pre assessment: Gathering evidence & giving information
Stage 3 – Assessment/documentation of evidence
Stage 4 – Awarding Credit 
Stage 5 – Feedback
Stage 6 –Appeal

How long does it take?

The average time for processing an RPL is between 3-4 weeks.

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