Chartered Manager

Do you strive for excellence? Do you deliver positive results for your business? Do you want that to be professionally recognised?

As a Chartered Manager you’ll join a community of high performing professional managers at the top of their game who are self-aware and skills-focused, delivering real value for their business.

What is Chartered Manager status

Chartered Manager is all about professional recognition and is the highest status that can be achieved in the management and leadership profession. Chartered status recognises managers with exceptional management and leadership skills and commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD), demonstrating to employers and peers the value of a professional approach that delivers measurable impact. Backed by our Royal Charter, CMI is the only professional body able to award Chartered Manager status. Interested in Chartered Manager but only just starting your management career journey? Foundation Chartered Manager status will recognise your existing skills and knowledge and put you on the first step to a guided learning pathway towards full Chartered Manager status.

The Value of Chartered Managers

Chartered Managers make an essential economic contribution to the UK economy and businesses. In uncertain times, never has it been more important to ensure that all UK managers are professionally qualified to the highest level.

£13k Average pay rise of a manager as a result of becoming Chartered

Chartered Managers boost their business revenue by £62k each year and £310k over 5 years

£22.4k Additional contribution to the UK economy every year from each manager becoming Chartered

How to get Chartered

Gaining Chartered Manager status involves reflecting on your recent workplace achievements and how you effectively apply your management skills to deliver positive business results.

There is a fast-track and full assessment process dependent on your level of experience and qualifications. Even if you do not hold any formal management qualifications, don’t worry, CMI will support you to become a Chartered Manager though your experience alone.

Did you know that achieving Chartered Manager can take as little as a few weeks? Identify your route below and start your journey to become a Chartered Manager today.

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