Assessment Process

The Process

The Assessment is conducted with the purpose of evaluating, measuring, and documenting the academic readiness, learning progress, skill acquisition, or educational needs of the learner. Below are the various stages being followed by us to assess your assignments towards final suitability for an award. Most modules are assessed by submitting an assignment.



After completing your Assignment, each piece of your work is assessed to ensure that it has met the Learning Outcomes at the standard set by the Assessment Criteria.


Internal Verification (IV)

After the Assessment has been completed, Internal Verifier at LIBT will check the Assessment Decisions made by the original assessor to ensure they are valid and reliable. Once the IV is completed, the marks are distributed to you through email. The email will contain the assessor's feedback and the grade given to the assignment.


External Verification

Upon submission of all the required assignments, they are then sent to the Awarding Body for External Verification. Certificates are issued only once the external verification is completed.

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Please discuss with your student counsellor if you have any questions before submitting the application!