Blockchain-based Credentials
For Third-Party Verification.

London Institute of Business & Technology now offers blockchain-based certificates upon successful completion of an academic or corporate training programme.

Obtain Third-Party Verifiable
Blockchain-based Credentials

Enhanced Transparency

The single-click verification makes third-party authentication highly convenient. LIBT’s Blockchain-based Credentials are offered via Accredible, a specialized platform with bank-level encryption, which makes forgery and manipulation of credentials impossible.

Better Visibility - Better Opportunity

Verifiable digital credentials are shareable across social media & professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn with a simple click. Stand out, be noticed & attract better professional prospects.

Seamless, Impactful User Experience

No user accounts, no logins required for recipients to receive & engage with badges and certificates issued by LIBT. You will get an email that has the secure certificate ID and the link to the certificate verification.

Wide Range of Interests

LIBT has a comprehensive portfolio of training programmes to choose from including Finance, Administration Secretarial, Auditing & Governance - Risk Compliance, Banking, Insurance & Financial Services, Customer Service, Digital Innovation, Self-Development, Leadership Management and much more!

Leading technology-enabled education provider


Digital credentials are secure and verified on the blockchain!



Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain-based certification?

Blockchain-based certification is issuance of digital credentials to learners upon successful completion of academic or professional training offered by LIBT.

Why do I need digital credentials?

Digital credentials are shareable online across social media and professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn. They are easily accessible & verifiable by third-parties. The certification is issued via Accredible which is a highly encrypted platform which makes manipulation impossible once a credential is issued thus guaranteeing veracity of the qualification.

Does this service cost extra?

No. The blockchain-based certification is issued at no extra cost.

Do I still get a printed certificate?

Yes. LIBT offers learners a printed certificate as well as a blockchain-verified certification and a digital credential upon successful completion of a course. LIBT is proud to be one of very few institutions to do so, following in the footsteps of Ivy League institutions such as Princeton, Oxford & Harvard.

The London Institute of Business and Technology holds an official registration with the Intellectual Property Office, bearing the Trademark Number UK00003896607.

UK Register of Learning Providers - Provider Reference Number (UKPRN): 10092833