At the London Institute of Business and Technology (LIBT), we are enthusiastic about supporting the Department for Enterprise’s initiative to attract talented entrepreneurs to the Isle of Man through our innovative hub, Launchpad. As part of our commitment to fostering business innovation and entrepreneurial success, LIBT assists prospective entrepreneurs in navigating the application process and establishing their ventures on this strategically positioned island.

Seamless Integration into the Common Travel Area

The Isle of Man is part of the Common Travel Area, which includes the UK, Ireland, and the Channel Islands, allowing for seamless travel and residence for those living and working here. Establishing a business in the Isle of Man offers entrepreneurs almost the same lifestyle benefits as residing in the UK, with added financial and regulatory advantages.

Why the Isle of Man is an Ideal Place to Live and Work

The Isle of Man boasts a high quality of life, scenic landscapes, and a safe, community-oriented environment. Its robust economy, favourable tax regime, and supportive government policies make it an attractive destination for startups and established businesses alike. The island also offers excellent educational facilities, healthcare services, and recreational activities, making it an ideal place for both singles and families.

Endorsement and Visa Application Support

The Department for Enterprise is the sole endorsing body for the Business Migrant route as detailed in Appendix X of the Isle of Man Immigration Rules. Entrepreneurs must secure a Letter of Endorsement from the Department, which is essential for the visa application. This endorsement is granted after a detailed assessment of proposed business ventures, ensuring they align with the current Endorsement Policy.

Categories of Business Migrant Opportunities

Start-Up Sub-Category:
Ideal for migrants looking to launch an innovative, viable, and scalable business. This category provides a residency period of 2 years and 4 months, specially designed to nurture and develop burgeoning enterprises. Although it does not lead directly to indefinite leave to remain, participants may transition to the Innovator sub-category to extend their entrepreneurial journey.

Innovator Sub-Category:
Tailored for experienced business professionals who wish to establish, join, or take over one or more businesses in the Isle of Man. This category is suited for those ready to invest a minimum of £50,000 in their venture. Migrants in this category must demonstrate a business idea that is not only innovative and viable but also scalable. Successful participation in this category paves the way for indefinite leave to remain, offering long-term opportunities on the island.

How LIBT Supports Your Journey

Through Launchpad, LIBT provides tailored guidance to help you understand the necessary steps and requirements for both sub-categories. Our team offers insights into local resources, including connections with Isle of Man Advocates who specialise in immigration law. We are here to support you from the initial idea phase through to the successful establishment of your business.

For more information on the application process or to discover how Launchpad can help turn your entrepreneurial dreams into reality in the Isle of Man, please contact us at Join us at LIBT and start your business journey on the Isle of Man today, where innovation thrives in a supportive and strategic setting.

Total Fee £3,200

Payment Terms
Pay in Full: £3,200

  • Installment plans are available on request. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information!
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The London Institute of Business and Technology provides recognized corporate training and consulting services to over 80 organisations across 12 countries in Asia. Recognized through ATHE (UK), a UK Government recognized award-winning body, LIBT has trained over 1000 corporate executives for the last two years. Not only are our programmes based on the latest academic research, but we ensure that all our content has practical, real-world application. Making this leap is only possible by hiring the most exceptional talent in the industry, something LIBT prides itself in. Each individual, team and organization has unique challenges and therefore a key philosophy of LIBT is ensuring customised training content. With well over a hundred engaging and interactive programmes offered, LIBT is the necessary answer to your training partner needs in today's complex world.

Institute Recognition & Accreditations

London Institute of Business & Technology is recognized by ATHE (UK). ATHE is an OFQUAL (The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation), UK Government recognized awarding body. Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) provides centres with a wide variety of qualifications including, but not limited to; administration management, business, tourism, law, computing and health and social care. We have made a name for ourselves with exceptional customer service, excellent quality standards and rewarding qualifications with progression routes to university degrees.Easily edit sections with clear class naming conventions.

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About LIBT.

The London Institute of Business and Technology (LIBT) provides internationally recognized programs for individuals and organizations to help executives expand their global prospects.

LIBT is known as a leading undergraduate, postgraduate programmes, and corporate training programmes provider serving over 100+ organisations across 15 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. We are accredited by UK-Government regulated awarding bodies including ATHE and QUALIFI. Moreover, we pride ourselves on our worldwide network of over 1500 successful alumni of corporate executives and senior managers.

LIBT classroom is a futuristic learning environment that enables students to access their classes and study material in convenient, affordable formats that are easily accessible by any smart device.

Mobilising the most exceptional talent in the industry, LIBT provides the latest academic research-based studies with content that has practical, and real-world applications. Our smart learning method includes student centred, highly advanced innovative methods of hands-on learning where the participants are taught and empowered by trained professionals.

Our philosophy is ensuring customised education and training content which is achieved through a task-based learning approach so that our trainees are taught, trained, and challenged in over a hundred engaging and interactive programmes offered. LIBT is your ideal training partner for highly customized, adaptive executive training in the current constantly changing and increasingly digital corporate world.

Our Aspiration

"Our vision is to be the preferred corporate training and premier higher education service provider through innovative technology solutions."


If you aim to achieve your maximum potential and accomplish your career aspirations, LIBT is your choice of success. Here is why:

Fully flexible study schedules

LIBT’s highly versatile virtual learning model permits you to study at your convenience. Digital learning platforms are considerate of your busy schedule, so at LIBT you are given the power to choose when, where, and how you study. This distance learning model with a blended learning approach encourages interaction between the tutor and the learners as they are participating in learning activities where academic support and feedback are available.  Moreover, the students can continue using their devices while studying with no need for extra paperwork nor time spent.Highly learner-centred teaching approach.

A strong focus on developing the student's understanding of specific subject matter with a real-world application is the key to our decentralized learning approach. The undergraduate or the graduate student is encouraged to digest the subject content and use it to solve problems with a task-based assignment. This ensures two-way communication and industry-ready professional growth.

Affordable UK qualifications

We offer quality education in a competitive price range. Our easy payment schemes are both practical and affordable. This ensures you have access to a world-class education, and that you will become leaders of the modern-day world of work. You can visit our website to find out more to get the convenience of installment-based payment schemes.

Industry-relevant assignment-based assessments

The courses are designed to give you the skills you need for success in your career or elsewhere. The practical problem-based innovative learning experience at LIBT, does not rely on archaic learning practices such as final exams. Instead, the assessment process is highly formative where the learner is challenged to transfer both the knowledge and skills they have acquired into real-life experiences so that the certification they earn ensures that they have personally achieved the learning goals of each module.

Personalised tutor guidance by the faculty who are industry specialists

Highly customized tutorials are given by the expert faculty who are chosen among the industry experts. Our trained specialists help you with your schoolwork, study materials, assignment guidance and personal development activities so that you achieve greater academic success throughout your life and improve social mobility. Our college offers more intensive mentorship programs than other institutes use traditionally.

Global recognition

All academic programmes delivered by LIBT are accredited and recognized by  Qualifi certification which identifies mission-critical learning requirements while assesses outcomes of programmes to achieve consistent, recognised professional and academic standards in addition to the Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE) who specialize in evaluations and appraisals in vocational qualifications. 

Qualifi achieves its mission by utilizing UK Regulators to ensure that they meet specific criteria, quality standards, and meeting the standards of General Conditions of Recognition in England.

OFQUAL is a non-ministerial government department with jurisdiction in England which is known for its promise to uphold reliability and world class standards.


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