LIBT To Recognize ‘Prior Learning’ To Make Education Practical & Relevant
February 6, 2021

London Institute of Business and Technology (LIBT) recently announced its Recognition of Prior Learning or RPL Scheme, a facility for prospective learners to claim exemption from some of the assessment requirements of a regulated qualification by producing evidence of prior knowledge or experience in a specific discipline. LIBT hopes this will incentivise professionals, senior executives, to pursue or resume education in a meaningful manner. 

Full & partial exemption will be granted based on ‘Equivalency’ which is the transfer of credit from units within a recognized qualification framework or prior work experience corroborated with relevant documentation. There are three avenues for RPL pursuants: Submitting a portfolio of evidence based on previous relevant knowledge and competences which will be assessed against assessment criteria, undertaking same assignments without attending teaching sessions or assessment through a summative assessment against a unit/full qualification. 

The process for claiming exemption spans 3-4 weeks and comprises six stages, namely, 

  • Stage 1 - General Awareness
  • Stage 2 - Pre assessment i.e. gathering evidence
  • Stage 3 - Assessment/ documentation of evidence
  • Stage 4 - Awarding Credit
  • Stage 5 - Feedback 
  • Stage 6 - Appeal.  

All courses are accessible via LIBT’s exclusive College-As-A-Service platform.