Assessment Policy

Assessment Policy

Assessments and evaluation are significant parts of learning. Finishing an assignment task in your coursework is an occasion to show your accomplishment. At LIBT, you will experience a unique Assessment policy which empowers the learner that paves the way for you to become a modern-day researcher. We employ student-centred Project-based learning (PBL) with a dynamic classroom approach in order to achieve this. Students explore the subject content's real-world applications by active investigation of real-world challenges and problems to gain hands-on experience. Constructive criticism on assessments you gain from LIBT academics will furnish you with an estimation of your accomplishment comparable to the guidelines set by the course and the college.

Assignments have several benefits to a learner. Firstly, they provide the necessary proof of learning for the parties involved. Assessments can provide evidence of learning which proves the student’s abilities and demonstrate that they have achieved the learning objectives according to the standards. This can directly be beneficial for the student since it gives a clear picture of the knowledge and skills they have already acquired and show them what they still need to work on. Moreover, text anxiety which may directly affect students' performance can be drastically reduced by an assignment-based learning approach. Furthermore, assignments caused enhanced student motivation since these include defining learning objectives and measuring the progress towards those goals. Lastly, the increased student motivation encourages student engagement which connects the learner to the theoretical activities and practical application of those theories.

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