Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership (MBA & other Masters Degree Progressions Pathway)
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Total Fee £1600

£2360 (£1600 during the tuition waiver period)

Please see the Tuition Fee section to see if you are eligible for a scholarship.

Programme Overview

The Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership has been created to develop and reward the business managers of today and the future, and to continue to bring recognition and professionalism to the management sectors. The Level 7 programme will require Learners to critically evaluate, challenge and synthesise a wide range of current management tools, techniques and models. The emphasis placed on current management concepts and models is on those that are relevant to the 21st century business environment and context and goes beyond the normal examination of Anglo American management models.

At level 7, the emphasis is also placed on the ability to adapt management concepts, tools and techniques to align with organisational culture and apply critical reflective thinking.The qualification scope covers all the primary business functions and how these are interrelated and integrated. The mandatory units provide a holistic study of core organisational issues that are relevant to strategic decision making, planning and enabling the organisation to achieve its strategic aims and objectives.

The Diploma is accredited at the postgraduate Level 7. The programme has a total equivalence of 120 credits. Completing the Diploma allows access to a dissertation at one of our University partners for a related master’s degree.

The programme itself is made up of 8 interactive modules and 8 written assignments, with approximately 40 guided learning hours per module. All modules have an additional 30-50 learning hours of optional materials that comprise of recommended exercises, recommended readings, Internet resources, and self-testing exercises. You will also have access to 24/7 support, tutoring, and a variety of other support mechanisms.

Learning Outcomes
  • To understand and apply the principles of strategic leadership in a business environment.
  • Review and apply the principles of business management within industry.
  • To understand and apply the principles of strategic management in a specific environment.
  • To improve the employability of learners by allowing them to explore the relationship between management theories and their practical application in the business world.
  • Analyse problem solving techniques specific to business and industry.
  • Select, collate, review and analyse information form a wide range of sources.
  • Work independently and as part of a team. Manage one’s own personal development and growth.
Course Content
Development as a Strategic Manager
The unit aims to support organisational and self-awareness in learners. It provides a foundation for a self-critical and reflective approach to personal development to support the learner when operating at a strategic level.
Strategic Marketing
The unit will investigate underlying models, techniques and theories that underpin marketing and can contribute to strategic objectives. It will also provide learners with a critical understanding of the marketing function within complex organisations.
Manage Team Performance to Support Strategy
The unit will explore how team performance can be evaluated and optimised to realise strategic objectives.
Strategic Planning
This unit is about the value of the strategic planning process in formulating appropriate strategies and designing a plan that will be supported by stakeholders and other organisational leaders. The critical review of the plan and its success is also addressed in the unit.
Leading a Strategic Management Project
The unit will involve the learner in formulating research and methodologies to support a strategic management project. They will be required to critically evaluate options and data sources prior to presenting project outcomes.
Finance for Managers
This unit is geared towards supporting learners in understanding and using financial information and data. This unit is important to learners as it supports decision making.
Strategic Direction
The unit will explore the strategic aims and objectives of an organisation and their significance in setting direction, and identifying success and progress for the organisation. The unit will also explore where different strategic options may lead the organisation to change its direction.
Information Management and Strategic Decision Taking
The unit will address the volume and complexity of data and information available to organisations and how to analyse, apply and determine its value in making strategic decisions.
The assignment unit titles for the Level 7 course are: 
  • Strategic Project Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Manage Team Performance
  • Strategic planning
  • Strategic Management
  • Finance for Managers
  • Strategic Direction
  • Strategic Decision Taking
Entry Requirements
Entry to Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

A first degree in business, management or related subject

Other equivalent international degree qualifications

If English is not your first language, you must provide evidence that you will be able to study at a extended diploma level English, e.g. IELTS 6.0 or TOEFL 550/213 or LIBT-EPT


Work experience of 5 years and above, along with two reference letters

As an online learner, you’ll also need a suitable computer with internet connection, together with sufficient IT competence to make effective use of word processing, internet and email

Course Duration
Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

To complete the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership, it will take 8 months. Every month, the student will be required to complete one assignment.

Programme Delivery
Virtual Classes

Virtual class is a cloud-based service facilitated by LIBT whereby learners study by participating in interactive, real-time online tutoring which is an extension of the conventional classroom approach. The virtual sessions are held on weekends and there are 4 sessions for each module, followed up with an assignment clinic. Assignment clinics are sessions conducted by lecturers to support the students in writing the assignment.

Distance Learning Self-Study

Distance Learning is an approach by which learners learn at their own pace by utilizing the resources availed to them via LIBT’s dedicated Learning Management System (LMS) BRIDGE. For self-study distance learning students, 1:1 tutor support is provided as an when needed.

Tuition Fee

Total Programme Fee

Payment Terms

  • 4 Installments: £400 every 2 months (additional bank charges of £20 per installment apply)
  • 8 Installment: £200 every month (additional bank charges of £20 per installment apply)


Citizens of the following countries are eligible for a 50% scholarship upon writing a personal statement. All scholarships are to be approved by the Academic Board. The list of countries are: Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Philippines, Bhutan, Morocco, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Laos, Cambodia, India, Nigeria, Ghana, Bangladesh, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Nepal and South Africa.

Blockchain-based certification


LIBT now offers learners Blockchain-based Certificates upon successful completion of academic and corporate training programmes. The single-click verification makes third-party authentication highly convenient. LIBT’s blockchain-based credentials are offered via Accredible, a specialized platform with bank-level encryption, which makes forgery and manipulation of credentials impossible. Shareable across social media & professional networking platforms, this accreditation is a golden opportunity for learners looking to attract better opportunities & prospects.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is included in the cost of my programme?
  • All course material, including online modules and written assignments
  • Personal tutor support with online sessions
  • Dedicated student support
  • Access to an online community learning forum
  • Assignment marking and feedback
Am I eligible for this programme?

You are eligible if you meet our stipulated entry requirements.

Will there be an interview?

There is no interview process. You will have to fill out a short application form to make sure you meet the criteria.

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Total Fee £1600

£2360 (£1600 during the tuition waiver period)

Please see the Tuition Fee section to see if you are eligible for a scholarship.

Payment Terms
Pay in Full: £1600

  • 4 Installments: £400 every 2 months (additional bank charges of £20 per installment apply)
  • 8 Installment: £200 every month (additional bank charges of £20 per installment apply)
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