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Madusha Wickramasinghe
Junior Marketing & Content Writer
Prof. Suejit Pechprasarn
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Ralph Balmaceda
Country Director Philippines
John Alianza
Senior Consultant
Isanka Wijerathne
Senior Technology Infrastructure Specialist
Dr. Christa McCartney
Senior Academics Manager
Leighsa Robertson
Junior Recruitment Officer
Deepani Bandara
Senior Finance Manager
Tshering Yangden
Academic Content Assistant
Pema Choki
Academic Officer and Content Assistant
Rushan Herath
Junior Engineer
Deki Yangzom
Academic Administrative Assistant
Sharvi Premkumar
Accounts Assistant
Junam Subba
Academic Content Developer
Malithri Mudalpath
Academic Content Developer and Content auditor
Sajana Sooriyarachchi
Recruitment Officer
Ambrose M. Thomas
Recruitment Officer
Shafna Simsar
Recruitment Officer
Sanduni Herath
Admissions Officer
Chathu Perera
Accounts Officer
Aubonwan Jentukjai
Administrative Officer
Piyasiri Wijeysinghe
Creative Design Lead
Amila Kudahewa
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Muhara Razak
Senior Recruitment Officer
Naramta Singh
Senior Academics Officer
Dr. Aruna Ranasinghe
Director of Academic Quality and Enhancement
Dr. Neda Aria
Director of Centre for Learning Innovation and Knowledge Enhancement
Rishan Yoosuf
Head of Direct Student Recruitment
Crystal Koelmeyer
Head of Digital Strategy and Marketing
Nalin Wijayasinghe
Head of Information Technology
Naw Thein
Director of Academic Affairs
Thaphaung Awar
Director of Administration and Finance

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