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Unit Code
Level 4
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Course Overview

This module is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of communication practices within organisations. The module covers various aspects of communication such as effective communication practices, identifying communication barriers and weaknesses, and evaluating management of internal and external workplace communications. In addition, the module aims to develop personal interpersonal communication skills, including presentation style, meeting management, and networking. The module also investigates how management can support teams and other groups to communicate effectively, and evaluate communication tools, approaches, and practices that support effective internal and external communications.

Course Content

Introduction to the module


  • Effective Communication 
  • Theories Of Organisational Communication
  • Patterns of Communication 
  • Communication Models 

Strategic Corporate Communication

  • Corporate Communication Strategy 
  • Pillars of Corporate Communication Strategy 
  • Major Communication Strategies 
  • Building a Corporate Communication Strategy

Introduction to Business Writing

  • Business Writing
  • Persuasive Writing 
  • How to Begin 
  • Types of Business Writing 
  • Data Visualisation

Media and Public Relations & Writing for Media Purposes

  • Public Relations Writing
  • Types of Media Writing  
  • Professional PR Writing

Business Presentations: (Plan and Structure & Delivery)

  • Types of Business Presentations
  • Make a Business Presentation
  • Examples of Business Presentation

Effective Business Presentations: Presenter’s Image

  • Business Presentation Models 
  • Effective Business Presentations

Corporate Reputation and Image

  • Company Image
  • Corporate Identity
  • Reputation 
  • Strategic Communication and Public Image Reputation 
  • Celebrity Stakeholder’s Endorsement – Working With 
  • Entertainment Industry

Teams and Organisations

  • Groups
  • Teams
  • Types of Team Communication 
  • Team Communication and Technology
Learning Outcome & Assessment Criteria

1.  Understand the current theories, methods, and designs of the study of communication systems in organisations of various sizes

  1. Compare and contrast the theories and approaches to organisational communication methods
  2. Analyse these practices to assess the successes or failures of contemporary organisations
  3. Explain how communication theories can be applied in a real-life business scenario

2.  Describe the different forms of communication in organisational networks and their functions

  1. Identify stakeholders and their roles in organisational communication
  2. Differentiate between formal and informal communication, and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each communication
  3. Analyse and select an appropriate communication method in a business context

3.  Understand the importance of effective organisational integration in organisational communications

  1. Demonstrate the capability to understand the importance and benefits of having effective organisational communication
  2. Identify good/bad practices of organisational communication
  3. Create and apply a communication strategy or plan to real-life business scenarios

4.  Discuss and practise the decision-making and conflict management processes used in organisations, and identify and remedy the predictable and harmful patterns that recur

  1. Explain why conflicts occur in organisations, the conditions that lead to conflict, the effects of conflict, and the elements and stages of conflict
  2. Analyse practices in decision-making and conflict management processes
  3. Apply conflict management and identify and remedy the recurring predictable and harmful patterns

  • The assessment strategy for this course is designed to test all the learning outcomes.
  • Learners must demonstrate successful achievement of all learning outcomes to pass the course.
Assessment Marking Criteria


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  • The assessment criteria for a pass will be presented with the summative exercise.
  • Further information and guidance on the assessment will be made available through the tutor.
Unit Pass Requirements

To pass the unit a 40% overall grade must be achieved.

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